February 26, 2024

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Heraklion: Two arrests for drugs

Heraklion: Two arrests for drugs

New arrests in Heraklion for drugs, police use information they have gathered…

Yesterday (01-25-2024) two young men from Albania were arrested in Hersonissos for drug possession and trafficking, hiding almost 900 grams of cocaine in an outdoor “box”. This is the second “strike” of the anti-narcotics administration in a few days in the circles operating in Heraklion, two days ago, last Tuesday, two more youths from Albania were arrested with 3 kilograms of cannabis and 100 grams of cannabis. Cocaine.

Information about the activities of two foreigners, aged 27 and 31, was received by the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Heraklion Security Directorate, and a coordinated police operation was organized and carried out yesterday, Thursday, January 25.

During that time, the foreigners were in a part of the municipality of Hersonissos, where they were on their way to an outlying area, where they had stored drugs. A subsequent search abroad uncovered carefully concealed packages containing a total of 897.3 grams of cocaine.

The two foreigners were arrested and their houses were searched and a total of 1,115 Euros, 950 Russian Rubles, 2 precision scales, special nylon airtight packages, electrical device for making airtight packages and 6 mobile phones were found and confiscated.

Both vehicles were impounded for smuggling drugs. A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Heraklion Security Sub-Directorate.

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