June 13, 2024

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Here comes Microsoft's Copilot – the new button on your keyboard

Here comes Microsoft's Copilot – the new button on your keyboard

Microsoft wants 2024 to be the year of the AI-powered PC because it brings bigger changes to Windows. One of them is on her keyboards.

Specifically, the Copilot key will start appearing on new Windows keyboards around the end of this month.

Three decades after adding a new key to your keyboard, in this case the Windows button, Microsoft is doing it again. It will be presented during the upcoming edition of CES Las Vegas, and the first keyboards to contain this new switch will go on sale at the end of this month.

This is the new key in Windows

This new key will be called Copilot, a button that will help the user “in a more personal and intelligent way, to move towards a future where AI is involved in Windows,” according to Youssef Mahdi, Executive Vice President.

As you can see from the videos and images, this button will be to the right of the space bar, although the exact location will vary from region to region for each keyboard.

Mahdi confirmed that the button will start appearing on new Windows 11 PCs built by Microsoft's “ecosystem partners” in the days following CES, with full availability later in January this year.

“The introduction of the Copilot key represents a significant change in Windows keyboards after nearly three decades,” Mahdi said.

“We believe it will enable people to participate in the AI ​​transformation more easily. The Copilot Key joins the Windows Key as an essential part of your computer keyboard and, when pressed, summons the new Windows Copilot experience to bring it into your daily life without you even realizing it.”

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Microsoft hasn't specified when exactly we'll start seeing the button, though as we expect, it will vary “by region and device,” except that you'll obviously need to sign in with a Microsoft account.

New in Windows 11, Copilot in Windows is a smart, AI-powered assistant that helps you get answers and inspiration from around the web, supports creativity and collaboration, and helps you focus on the task at hand.

Copilot on Windows helps you stay focused while doing the tasks you need to get done. From adjusting computer settings to organizing windows with Snap Assist, Copilot saves you time and helps you be more efficient.