April 19, 2024

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Nintendo Switch 2 priced at $400 with games costing $70 – Nintendo

Nintendo Switch 2 priced at $400 with games costing $70 – Nintendo

Gaming industry analysts They can Nintendo will announce the new generation of its console in 2024 at a price of about $400.

From time to time, we hear and read things about Nintendo Switch 2, the new generation of the very popular gaming console from the Japanese company, and more recently, some statements from a knowledgeable analyst in the electronic gaming industry, who did not hesitate to mention the launch date, price and cost of its featured titles. . The analyst is none other than Kantan Games CEO, Dr. Serkan Tutu, who spoke on the site GamingIndustry.biz For Nintendo's upcoming console. The Kantan Games CEO said that the new gaming console will be a “clone” of the existing one and that a radical redesign is not expected. Dr. Hans said it may have “additional features and capabilities.” Serkan Toto, “But it will be similar to today's Switch.”

Additionally, the Japanese company has a Pokemon game, and given how inextricably linked the game is to portability, there's not the slightest chance, he said, that the company would choose to drop the portability element from the upcoming console. Therefore, according to Dr. Serkan Toto The Nintendo Switch 2 will retain the hybrid design although of course it will have significantly increased performance and additional features.

“I think the next one will come out next year for $400,” the doctor said. Serkan Toto, of course, points to 2024. “There's also a good chance the games will cost more: $70.” According to the analyst, Nintendo will offer the gaming device in the first half of 2024 at a price close to $400, while game prices are expected to rise to $70, which we already knew with the release of The Legend. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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“The next system is also likely to be an evolution (of the current console) rather than a revolution. Nintendo may add some new features and capabilities to the device, but it will be similar to the current Switch. Since Pokémon exists and Pokémon is tied to mobile gaming, it is not possible for it to give up Nintendo on portability for its next big thing.”

According to previous rumors and leaks (from some leaked emails between Nintendo and Activision representatives), Nintendo's next-gen console will tout 4K gaming with DLSS support thanks to the adoption of the NVIDIA Ampere-Lovelace hybrid architecture, a performance similar to that of gaming consoles. PS4 and Xbox One. More specifically, based on the rumors that have been circulating, when the new Nintendo console is connected to power, it will be able to offer performance similar to the Xbox Series S while in “handheld mode” it can offer performance similar to the ASUS ROG Ally. . Although previous rumors wanted Nintendo to go ahead and announce a “digital-only” game console (no slot for cartridges), they do not line up with the company's financial results, which show that most of its sales are related to games in physical form (cartridges).

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