July 20, 2024

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Rumor: Xbox demo coming in January

Rumor: Xbox demo coming in January

A new rumor is spreading online that she wants to premiere it X-Box to 2024 To be at the gates.

Delving into the details, a post on Reddit caught the user's attention Xanthorn, who has a very good track record, having twice previously revealed the release date of Nintendo's next Directs. Based on his information, The first Xbox show of 2024 will take place the week of Sunday, January 14.

The user indicated that he does not have any information about the rumors that Microsoft will release a game at the same time, but in any case the date is closed now, according to his words. If this information is indeed correct, Microsoft's offer will occur Sometime between January 15 and 19.

For your information, last year also Xbox held a special offer at the beginning of the year, called Direct developer. It allowed various studios to detail their upcoming games, such as Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall, while there was also a big surprise in the form of Hi-Fi Rush.

In case you want to refresh your memory, you can watch last year's show in the player below.

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