February 20, 2024

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Microsoft keyboards and mice will continue to be available in a unique partnership with Incase – Microsoft

Microsoft keyboards and mice will continue to be available in a unique partnership with Incase – Microsoft

Microsoft surprised everyone last year with its decision to discontinue its popular range of mice, keyboards and PC accessories, choosing to focus on the Surface brand.

Now according to the edgethe unique collaboration will see the relaunch of these accessories by accessory manufacturer Incase.

According to the CEO of parent company Onward Brands, the products will be the same, only instead of the Microsoft logo it will say Incase, Design by Microsoft. For the first time, Incase will offer mice, keyboards and webcams, using the same production line and supply chain as Microsoft.

Designs that will continue to be released include Microsoft's popular ergonomic keyboards and mice, as well as modern speakers, listening stations and a webcam. Also, new products launched by Microsoft but not released by Incase will be released. “We'll be releasing a new product that Microsoft has been developing,” says Tibble. “It's a very exciting, comfortable new keyboard that will also carry the 'Designed by Microsoft' label.” However, at the moment, the company has not mentioned whether there are other peripherals that will suffer the same fate.

Incase aims to bring the products to market soon, as inventory of Microsoft's peripherals is starting to run low. This unusual deal came after Microsoft decided to focus on its Surface personal computers, with the aim of better positioning itself under one brand.

The Incase CEO also said that given the love for the existing products and the disappointment with their withdrawal, users would be happy with the relaunch. However, Incase rises to the challenge of designing and building something new. “It's a unique situation for us, because in order to make these types of high-quality keyboards, there's a high barrier to entry,” says Teppel. “We wouldn't be in this business if we couldn't make products of this quality.”

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