February 26, 2024

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Hit the PS5 mini for those the PS5 Slim won't do (BINTEO)

Hit the PS5 mini for those the PS5 Slim won't do (BINTEO)

the New PlayStation 5 Sony may not officially call it “Slim” but most gamers have learned to call it — let’s face it — “PS5 Slim” Since the difference in the size of the console compared to the original model is obvious. However, for some, Sony's decision not to offer “pure bloods” for the PlayStation 5 Slim did not sit well.

For this reason, the YouTuber has the title of engineer named “Not concreteOr just “NFC” He decided to make his own mini version of the PS5. And when we say small, the result justifies it because it manages to fit almost all of its components into a micro ATX case, andMake it look like a Nintendo Wii.

Something like this, of course, is not achieved with simple plans and some knowledge of DIY construction. Not only did he practically design from scratch the inside and outside of the PS5 based on the NFC Skyreach 4 Tiny micro ATC PC case, which It corresponds to a 60% reduction in volume compared to normalbut it was built Over 20 custom pieces using CNC machines, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Its final form is impressive in this miniature version, as the “Tiny PS5”, as it is called, carries a file Detachable vertical standwhich has a synchronous role Charging baseas a result of One can charge two Dualsense devices, because it is connected to an external 5V power source, so it charges it even if the console is turned off. Naturally, the drive for the PS5 is also made external by being housed in a custom enclosure.

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It took a lot of prototyping but I'm happy with the result“Not concrete,” he said.

Watch the video of the impressive custom PS5 mini below: