April 13, 2024

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“Monsters of terror” that ruled the seas before sharks

Long before the first appeared Sharks“The worms were large predators.”Horror monsters» From the seas before 500 million years, according to new research. Scientists discovered fossils of unknown types of worms during their expeditions to… North GreenlandAnd he revealed what they believe to be among the first Carnivores.

The worms were coming Its length is about 30 cm Some of it was Larger animals Which was swimming at that time, known as the early Cambrian period.

What did the researchers discover?

Researchers have called Timorbestia wormsWhich means in Latin “Horror monsters». the Fins Stretching on both sides of their bodies and features Heads They've owned it for a long time Antennas And Huge jaws.

Previously, it was believed that Primitive arthropodsincluding their strange distant relatives crab And from lobsters they were called AnomaliesThey were at the top of the marine food chain during the Cambrian Period, which lasted from 485 million to 541 million years ago.

But predatory worms were an essential part of the ecosystem 518 million years ago, and scientists didn't know they existed until they found the fossils. A study describing the findings was published Wednesday in the journal Advancement of science.

Their grandchildren

These worm predators are distant Much smaller relatives of modern wormsVenter, or chaetognath, feeds on zooplankton, said Venter.

Arrowworms are among ancient animals It dates back to the Cambrian period. Arthropods first appeared between 521 and 529 million years ago, while evidence of arrowworms suggests they have been around for 538 million years.

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