April 23, 2024

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Rumor: There's a major Xbox exclusive coming to PlayStation or Nintendo consoles

Rumor: There's a major Xbox exclusive coming to PlayStation or Nintendo consoles

In the past few hours, a new rumor has become the first topic of discussion on social media and in gaming forums X-Box To bring a major exclusive game to one of the competing consoles as well, for example PlayStation 5 Or at Nintendo Switch.

It all started with the podcast of YouTuber/leaker Nate the Hate who revealed that in 2024 Microsoft is planning to bring an Xbox exclusive that players and critics loved the year it was released for a competing system. In particular, he stated:

“In calendar year 2024, Microsoft will bring one of its most popular first-party releases to a competitive platform.”

In fact, Nate noted that the game was up for GOTY nominations the year it was released, which made many wonder what he was referring to. Among the speculation, Hi-Fi Rush has been mentioned several times, with ResetEra user who has made various leaks in the past confirming that it is indeed Tango Gameworks' music experience.

In particular, the prevailing rumor is that Hi-Fi Rush is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch in 2024. For the record, this isn't the first time Microsoft has released a Switch exclusive, having previously brought Ori and the Blind Forest to Nintendo's hybrid system.

Soon after, more fuel to the fire came from Jez Corden, the highly reliable Windows Central reporter, who has made countless leaks about Microsoft's plans in the past. According to his own sources. In fact, Microsoft is considering porting many of its older versions to competitors' systems.

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This confirmation reignited discussions about Microsoft's position in the industry and its plans to act as an external publisher.