February 20, 2024

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He's back where he deserves to be

He's back where he deserves to be

Exactly one week ago, he had to deal with the loss of Ares, which is always annoying. What is unacceptable are the sarcastic comments that were automatically uploaded to social media after the end of that match by PAOK fans.

Watch out not for well-received comments from well-meaning reviewers, but for comments that are par for the course. Obviously, even after the end of the 18th round, where PAOK are once again at the top of the standings, these comments remain in the drawer and we will simply read them again in the next round.

Therefore, as of today, in addition to AEK's draw with Panathinaikos, PAOK is in first place with a better goal percentage than the green team they will host in Toumba in two weeks. Obviously he's back to where he deserves to be and why he's playing the best football, but also because he gets things every game from different players. How can I get past that Baba who had to score more than 1000 days before he did for OFI and scored a third goal in as many games? Yes, Mete's goal was lucky, but I know he is the 19th different scorer for PAOK this year. No other group of title contenders has such versatility…

In the match against PAS, PAOK had to face after the first two minutes the team bus in its defense which is quite acceptable because the end justifies the means. The key was to score, he did that and in the second half he was a storm. On the one hand Clement and on the other hand mainly… Brandon with the three missed chances prevented the PAS team from withdrawing.

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I can only speak about Gemma's cross that I'm sure if he gets the opportunities that Samata in particular had, he will be able to provide more. I also retain Sastre's appearance as well as Constantilia's aerial as Brandon with the missed opportunity robbed him of an assist for the year with the energy he put forth.

So, PAOK, which a week ago was given by some as fourth and ten points behind the top (if you read the insulting comments and didn't know the rankings you would have come to that conclusion), takes first place again. Obviously every transfer is welcome, players should obviously come in, but it's also clear that the team is fun and up and running.

I want to close the comment with a highlight. The day before yesterday in Volos, Maloutas and Vergetis did not save two penalty kicks for Dykefalos. In the match against PAS, it was Tsakalidis and Koumbarakis's (yes, the one Karababas called “mercy, Koumbarakis”) turn to take on Tsima. Leave it here.

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