February 26, 2024

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“Finally, Olympiacos will file a verbal lawsuit. The referees are prisoners.”

“Finally, Olympiacos will file a verbal lawsuit. The referees are prisoners.”

The vice president of Olympiacos said after the match against Kifisia that he would submit a verbal complaint to the referees.

Olympiacos has strong complaints about the referee after the 3-2 draw with Kifissia, with the red and white team's vice-president, Alexis Koia, stating that he will play… He submits a verbal complaint to the referees for trying to change the result.

Koya's statements in detail:

“Today everyone saw the football nonsense. As I said in my press conference, this nonsense is over. Olympiacos will do what no other team has done because it is Olympiacos. It is unimaginable that he is officiating a Premier League match, that one match.” On whose orders last year Yiannis Papadopoulos, a common criminal and leader of a criminal organization, measured a tape measure to those used by old tailors and was looking to find millimeters to award the match in favor of AEK and change the championship.

And you're still on the judging panel. As we said with Mr. Marinakis, anyone who tries to change the championship game did not succeed today, but what he did today was just an attempt. If he does not succeed, as Manoukos and his aides did today, especially this young man from Thessaloniki, Yiannis Papadopoulos, he will be prosecuted.

Olympiacos has already stated to the police director that the referees should not leave, they are prisoners, and Olympiacos will file a verbal complaint for trying to change the match in the bet, it's Article 132. That's it until the end, I will. I will not say more things, because we will talk with projects. This will never go unpunished.

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There was a lot of thought today, to be able to survive internationally if they had to after canceling the two goals, and the reasons for canceling the two goals, after Rizzo was sent off, I'm not saying they shouldn't give what they gave Look, neither card is there.

We will play the tournament, and Olympiacos wants to win the 48th tournament, but we will apply the rules. Every day criminals in a certain football environment are executed and no one realizes what is happening. I repeat every day ehCriminals are executed by other criminals present in a particular football environment I can't say more, we are monitoring everything and we will not stop. “end of truth”