April 13, 2024

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Hidden “penalties” in colored electricity tariffs

Hidden “penalties” in colored electricity tariffs

“Colored” electricity tariff rates. Consumers can monitor them from all service providers through the relevant platform of the Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (RAAEF).

Specifically on the page https://invoices.rae.gr/oikiako/ Citizens can choose the type of tariff (the special corresponds to the so-called “green”) to be informed of the price per kilowatt-hour. The table includes the fixed fee and the final supply price for the month in question, after taking into account any discounts. For transparent information to consumers, the condition on which the discount in question is granted is indicated.

As the Authority notes: To facilitate consumers’ comparison of prices for electricity supply products, the Authority will maintain on its website a potential “Energy Price Publication Table”, which will include special (green) tariff prices, as well as special (green) tariff prices and fixed “blue” billing prices. , that is, invoices whose price remains fixed throughout the duration of the contract, which is a period of no less than one (1) year, and floating “yellow” invoices.

This way, consumers will be able to do so easily and quickly To compare prices of all products From all suppliers. The consumer can choose the tariff category (domestic, commercial), as well as the month of consumption. By default, the current month's invoices are displayed.

The “hidden trap” behind colored bills

A penalty ranging from 20 to 50% is imposed on consumers who do not adhere to their payments, meaning that even one day of late payment can significantly increase your electricity bill.

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