May 18, 2024

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There will be no money in the 2027 election. What don't they understand?

There will be no money in the 2027 election. What don't they understand?

Written by George Kraloglos

In our pockets lies the pseudo-bureaucracy of the opposition in the 13th and 14th positions in government employees. Because the bottom will also play as of 2027…

Let us say it again and again until we at least realize that, we are the victims of all political folly, let alone stupidity.

The nonsense of politicians and parties who think they will have every comfort to open their mouths and take development (government) for granted or distribute non-existent sacrificial funds to indigenous people especially EU resources. In the 2027 elections (opposition).

We are sitting, as a country, on the edge of the river… leaving production and productivity to its fate, watching the “flow” of the last funds from the “Rescue Fund” and “National Rescue Fund” 2021-2027.

It is questionable whether or not the foolish hope will prevail that this money will be “reborn” after 2026 (Recovery Fund) and 2027 (National Rescue Fund) because the “bastards” in Brussels will come up with something…they will find something they have Mercy…

You might say it's a tragicomic picture. So as long as we do not dare or do not want to dare to believe what is coming. so what..;

That “companion” of Brussels' “leaders” from Germany to the north of the European Union. It is impossible for them to be seen (again) as shepherds.

It is impossible for them to accept borrowing more than 750 billion euros in loans (which will be necessary this time) to create recovery funds again (the second round after the pandemic and the financial crisis) in countries (like ours) because otherwise they would have had to move to the rhythms of the Union. ..

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Northern EU complaints have persisted for a long time. For dirty money in member states that set a precedent that is difficult to overcome.

Therefore, at this time and shortly before 2026-2027, any optimism that this type of blood donation will be repeated by the European Union is an exaggeration.

Which means that as much as we get the approval of our local social partners (employers) for increases of up to 4% at the bottom or for the return of benefits, as long as the “distribution” of European resources is terminated, this type of market approval to provide increases will also be lost.

It is about the private sector and our small and medium Greek economy that cannot survive (not even months) without (deposits) and the turnover of tourism, trade and some services.

The business community's disdain for our own economy clearly has an expiration date.

It is certainly linked to the distribution of the rest of the National Rescue Fund and the Recovery and Resilience Fund and with the expectation that the European Union will refinance the fund. Eventually it will find a way to extend another three to four years of its “vouchers” and cheap loans, despite its internal reactions.

Our personal opinion is that this will not happen.

Therefore, no more funds will be made available from 2026 onwards (the deadline to absorb all resources of the existing recovery fund).

Contrary to expectations, new financial commitments to EU policy. They will also reduce our budget vouchers, from 2025 onwards.

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Therefore, if on the one hand we live with the hope (the government) that the bottom will spread over a larger area than today (600,000 wage earners) and on the other hand with the false propaganda of a larger state with higher wages and the return of the 13th and 14th (the opposition)) let us start by putting something Aside for now… because all of this will come out (if it comes out…) out of our own pockets…

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