April 13, 2024

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Hope and justification for the Greek footballer in the person of Almeida

Hope and justification for the Greek footballer in the person of Almeida

Vangelis Arnautoglou writes about the path that Matias Almeida has shown everyone, which is more confidence and a better evaluation of the element of domestic football.

His presence Matias Almeida Her presence at AEK is not only a blessing for her, but for local football as a whole. His humility, the way he explains everything he does on the football field, the openness and availability for discussion, the avoidance of excuses and verbal tensions, the respect for the opponent, are just some of the elements that make up an extraordinary profile that is close to who he is. Are used to it.

Since he wants to stay for years, it is clear that this is what AEK desires very much as well, and the natural thing is for everyone to seek him out, at least all those who can see him outside of the pure fans, who are happy when people who have something to teach beyond The competitive aspect and evolving philosophy around the sport, it is present in our parts.

For example, when Olympiacos had Ernesto Valverde. There is no intelligent sports fan who has not recognized that his presence here is of great importance, especially to the local league. By observing him, you had things to learn, accept, and appreciate. A rare case too, nice guy.

As for Almeida's long-term presence in Greece, Greek footballers must first be ruled out. It would certainly not be possible for most of them to cooperate with him EekBut man shows the way. That trust and justice in the local element.

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From Pelion to Tsiliulis and who is worth it

Almeida didn't know him Stavros Bellion When the Greek League starts in the summer of 2022. Very few people would know. But through the process of reforming AEK, he was always thinking that every player competing in our team would pass through a sieve and would leave an impression on them.

His antennas have been and will always be open, regardless of groups, profiles and ages. He stays first in what he loves, focuses there and works his mind into each situation, based on the way his team is playing. It weighs the pros and cons and then makes recommendations accordingly.

the Pelion He made a good impression on him from the start. He saw items he really liked. He also saw that it was immature, and that it must be achieved through patience, work, and persistence. For six months, he was preparing it. And when he showed him, in a time of very difficult battles and with no other option instead of him, Peleus was ready. Not just to fight back, but to make the situation his own.

His mind and his sharp eye AlmeidaIt is not determined by age. So, on the one hand, the Pelion team, which was not quite ready and “baked” in football in the senior division, we reached one year before Sotiris Tsioulis “turned thirty”. Who would really give him the chance to become a top team player but Almeida? Who sees that there are things he can offer and does not comment that he has reached the age of 29 playing in small and medium teams? no!

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The path of justice

And perhaps, although not the most likely, justice for the local footballer will carry more weight Almeida's way. Obviously there are others like him Shiloli That even though they deserved to be on big team rosters even as assistants, they never took the chance because they were Greek.

When Almeida arrived in Greece, the overwhelming majority believed that Mr. Almeida Clerical Court of Appeal AEK must leave. He made him a key player, helped him become a permanent member of the Greek national team, and made foreign teams follow him. How much did he really contribute to be “given”? latch To find their role and deliver what they should expect from them, without pressure and pressure.

How many really failed foreign boats, of questionable quality, due to lack of knowledge and proper control of the teams in terms of their selection, received exorbitant sums and created a hole in the water? a lot!

Yes, something superficial comes to my mind now, how bad was Tsokanis' situation for example when AEK gave 700k to Le Talek and after 2-3 months he was banging his head against the wall trying to get out of his locked house and long-term contract? But who would dare bring any Tsukanis to AEK? no!

the Almeida He will! If he thought so, he would move on and not care. It shows the way, opens up perspective. Let others follow him, for perhaps there is gold hidden under the stones that we refuse to lift. Let's think about this too..

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