May 18, 2024

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Ergin Ataman reveals what happened to Larkin and Mechik on their fateful night with McCabe

Ergin Ataman reveals what happened to Larkin and Mechik on their fateful night with McCabe

Anantolo Avis

Georgia Panagopoulou / Tourism Photography

Micic and Larkin were disappointing in Anadolu Efes’ match with Maccabi Tel Aviv, with Ergin Ataman explaining what’s going on with the two back-to-back Champions League stars.

Anatolo Efes is under increasing pressure to join the Euroleague’s top eight, after back-to-back history-making meetings. And the Turkish team lost on Friday evening (3/10) against Maccabi Tel Aviv at Sinan Erdem Dom Stadium, which led to the loss of more ground, while the image of their two stars was disappointing.

Shane Larkin had 5 points (1/1 two-pointer, 1/5 three-pointer), one rebound, one steal, five turnovers and one scoring system unit in 27 minutes, while Vasilije Micic also had 5 points (1/1 two. – pointer, 1/4 three), two rebounds, one assist, three fouls and also one unit in the rating system in just 9:15. However, Ergen Ataman explained that normally neither the American nor the Serbian player should play in this match.

Micic hasn’t trained for five weeks and wasn’t supposed to compete, he has a knee problem. Last night I asked him to play because the game was important. Unfortunately, it is not ready. Larkin went to the hospital on Monday with suspected appendicitis. Two days later, the operation was not done at the last minute. He was discharged from the hospital on Thursday. He wasn’t psychologically competitive, but we asked him to play tooThese were the words of the Turkish coach.

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