April 18, 2024

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Derby guarantees with two dilemmas for AEK and Mitchell

Derby guarantees with two dilemmas for AEK and Mitchell


Mitchell during the match against AEK at the OPAP Arena
Andreas Papaconstantino/Tourism Photography

Mitchell is pretty much settled for the derby with AEK (12/3, 19:00) at the OPAP Arena and has two dilemmas for the Olympiacos starting line-up, who need a win to stay firmly in the title race.

Olympiacos completes its preparations before the away derby match with AEK (12/3, 19:00, COSMOTE SPORT 2HD, live broadcast from SPORT24) for the 26th and final game of the Premier League regular season Stoiximan, and Mitchell lays out his plans for the red and whites to claim the three points that will keep them Firmly in the grip of the title.

The Spanish Olympiacos coach conducted several tests in the last twenty-four hours in Rentis, through which he showed how he thinks of lining up his team on the field. Opap square.

The two dilemmas are certain

Based on these tests, his dilemma is on the left side, with Reabciuk and Kanos besting Ramon and Masura. Of course, there is still a course to be had at Renti’s facilities, where more will be seen.

Mitchell aims to line up Olympiacos with Pascalakis under the posts, Rodini on the right in defence, Rebecuk on the left, Ba and Doi in the stops, Samassikou and Huang in midfield, and Bale, Fortuni and Kanos in defense via Bakabou. attack.

As for Hamis, he was involved in training with the double header and was used in some moments with the start. The Colombian midfielder is keen to play against AEK. So does Gary Rodriguez, who has overcome his injury problem and is regularly involved in training.

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In today’s final practice session (11/3), the red and white coach is expected to finally settle on the initial form. Piraeus is chasing their first derby win of the year and knows full well that they have no room for defeat that will take them far back in the battle for this year’s championship.