May 28, 2024

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To the Ethics Committee of the EEC and to the Sports Prosecutor as “red” Kolossos-Ionikos!

To the Ethics Committee of the EEC and to the Sports Prosecutor as “red” Kolossos-Ionikos!

According to informed sources, the results of the investigation conducted by EPATHLA in the first stage, speak of extraordinary amounts played by a player with a huge betting history, whose name is not associated with either team.

his sudden absence Luka Mavrokivalides (Her first top scorer and fourth top scorer Basketball League with mo 21.1 p. & 7.5p.), which hastily left Rhodes on the day of the match (01/14), the rapid increase in betting spreads and the “lock” of betting during the match, as well as the impressive +41 (89-48), which was dominated by o the giant to ionicthe reasons for referring the match to aUnder urgent investigation mode.

the National Sports Integrity Platform which falls under Sports Secretariat-A careful examination of the file sent by European Economic Community And having secured the cooperation of Greek bookmakers (they gave the names of those who bet on the selected game, as well as the amounts played), he ranked the game in the category of “red flags” and accused of illegal matchmaking. manipulate.

While the investigation continues and a It is expected that it will be linked to world famous bookmakers, the Greek Federation has referred the file to 5 members Ethics Committee It consists of two ordinary judges, a lawyer from the Supreme Court and two members of the Board of Directors. Ha European Economic Community (Nikolopoulos And Dacores).

Efforts to shed so much light on the case have been coordinated that the criminal part of it has already been assigned to the Sports Prosecutor and the investigation is ongoing on three sides. Informed sources say that the first results refer to a name that bet unusual amounts on the game in question and has a long history in betting, but there is no evidence that it is linked to any of the two teams.

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All of the above resulted in a “freezing” of the payment of 370,000 euros to the two groups concerned, an amount resulting from the taxation of betting winnings in the country and from which the remaining amounts were paid. Basketball League.

The next step will be to unlock the phones corresponding to account holders with high stakes and winnings, while from European Economic Community A complete list of all athletes and women competing in the country has been requested a’1 And Class A2 To investigate whether they bet on that particular match, which is illegal.

Also, there is a great will to extend the search to the lower categories as well.

It is noteworthy that during the week the head of the “Blue and White” KAE resigned and withdrew his resignation, Yannis KyriacopoulosWhile the same thing happened with the coaching staff of the team, who will coach the team in the decisive match tomorrow (11/03) at. Patras by Apollo. All this while O ionic welcomed the 25-year-old American striker, Lionel Henry The fans organizing the team visited yesterday’s training (09/03) in a wild atmosphere, and the players and coaches were held accountable.