May 21, 2024

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How will we be informed that an asteroid threatens our existence?

How will we be informed that an asteroid threatens our existence?

It is no secret that in this corner there are “things” that the spirit says. That is, topics that are ahead of their time. If you are a regular fan, you will regularly read in 24/7 News the topics published by the world media later.

A typical example is the following: the time when the main movie was first released “Don't look up.”Stavros Dioscorides wondered if and how the citizens of this planet would be informed of our end.

The communications specialist solved Stavros' question Panagiotis PapachatzisProfessor of Communication Strategy and Crisis Management at the Postgraduate Departments of the University of Western Macedonia and Director of Redwolf Advertising, has experience in political communication and crisis management.

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More than two years later, an executive answered the same question Planetary Defense Coordination Office Ha NASA.

the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) is a US government agency created to discover ways to know what is going on around us (on Earth), and calculate trajectories in order to perfectly distinguish and neutralize threats.

Meanwhile, the same agency announced in January that we would not be at risk of a collision on March 3rd, as the predicted probability was 1/10,000,000.

Head of this office, Lindley Johnson “We want to find everything, before they find us,” he explained in a recent interview.

So far they have been recorded near 34,000 asteroids (Small rock-like bodies – made up of dust, metals and rocks – belonging to the solar system, orbiting around the sun) near the Earth.

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the 2,300 of which are “potentially dangerous” Just 153 They could cause our extinction if they fell on us.

Asteroids with a diameter of at least 140,208 meters and intersecting the Earth's orbit, at the distance between the Earth and the Sun, are classified as “potentially dangerous.”

The diameter of the 153 threats is approximately one kilometre.

Anything smaller than the dimensions we mentioned exists and flies around us and burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.

What would happen if we were threatened by asteroids?

And based on what the “head” of planetary defense said, if any of the asteroids that could threaten our existence turn out to be heading towards us, International Asteroid Warning Network (International Asteroid Warning Network-IAWN).

It is the Global Alliance of Astronomers that was established in 2013 based on a recommendation it approved United nationsfor an international response to a potential fundamental threat.

IAWN was tasked with developing a strategy, using well-defined communication plans and protocols that would help governments analyze the consequences of an asteroid impact and design impact mitigation responses.

If the coalition confirms that there is indeed a threat, it decides the next step. More specifically, if it is estimated that it will be affected countryis informed and should proceed with issuing a public statement.

If there is expected to be a space rock International influencelocated in the middle United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. By the way, he has an international conference in Vienna on March 26.

What is the major gap in our survival plans?

In contrast to the saying “don't look up” which ultimately led to a series of incompetent politicians' decisions, in reality we have it in our “weapons”. Arrow (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) presented in the Assumed Threat Diversion Test

NASA announced that it is working on more conversion methods. On the list is a spacecraft that will de-orbit the asteroid through gravity.

But as he emphasized in his article From the inside Everything that is being studied and developed will be useless (unable to do the job for which it was created) if the asteroid is not discovered at least five years before the impending impact.

This was revealed in simulation Which NASA did to deal with the threat, six months apart.

To be able to see what will happen five years in advance, he needs a more advanced telescope in the works.

Basis From the studyThe next major collision between asteroids and Earth will occur in the year 2182. In fact, the space rock has been named after… He specifies It has a 1/2700 chance of colliding with our planet. It will increase if it passes through the “gravitational hole” in 2135.

Bennu can set off an explosion equivalent to 24 nuclear bombs.