May 21, 2024

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Nana Palitsaki: “He started ‘playing’ with my family name. What I suffered was abuse.”

Nana Palitsaki: “He started ‘playing’ with my family name. What I suffered was abuse.”

At the show, she spoke: “You ain't seen nothing yet.” Nana Palitsakis For the kilometers he wrote on television, the toxicity of space but also the transition from information to entertainment.

“At first I was in shock. Zina Kotselini suggested that I go to an entertainment place, and I thought it was very easy, but when I saw what was happening, ‘I needed it.’ I was not used to some things in the news. In entertainment you had to “Creating” subjects. I've been hung on pegs, and I believe that if you're not willing to expose yourself, you can't connect with the world. I believe the lens is the biggest villain. You can edit everywhere but you can't edit in the eyes. You can't express Your opinion and you are immune.”

She herself, she says, has suffered from the toxicity of television.

“I have experienced the toxicity of television. This space is very competitive and I believe that a person who wants to enter this space must be ready to challenge everything. The only thing they cannot do is knowledge. This has always been my criterion. I have been fortunate that I come from a family that believes strongly in “With the power of knowledge. Everything else I knew would be challenged, as it were. It was done for everyone. Especially for women who entered television in another era and at an early age. The existing models at that time were different. I think the Persian War established me.”

But she also revealed something that bothered her and it had to do with her name.

“When I got married, I was registered as Nana Duka. When I moved from ANT1 to SKAI I said I wanted to honor my father who was killed when he was 30, and of course they said yes. So I fixed my maiden name. After some time, a deceased person came out and started.” “plays” with my last name. What I suffered was abuse, and then my husband also suffered, because I was made fun of for changing my last name. While they were in Malvina for example, they did not dare to “play” because they knew she would not stay calm. I did not get into conflict “With people at work. I was very sad about this.”

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