February 22, 2024

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“I believe you will give us the joy that adults have deprived us of this year.”

“I believe you will give us the joy that adults have deprived us of this year.”


Vangelis Marinakis was in the Karaiskakis dressing room and congratulated the Olympiacos Under-19 players after their qualification against Inter.

Olympiacos U19s celebrated a brilliant qualification, winning 6-5 on penalties over Inter (0-0 in regular time) and securing a ticket to the Youth League Round of 16.

After the end of the match, Vangelis Marinakis was found in the locker room, who told the young football players:Congratulations. What I want to tell you is that what we saw today, your performance and also your reaction when you were left with ten men, one man less, and also how the game went, I think you have to believe that you can win it. .

You have nothing less than other teams. I see that the team is cohesive, and you have advanced everything. I believe that you will give us the happiness that the adults deprived us of this year, and you will perform better.

I want you to believe it and I believe that after the last thing we saw it is not a miracle and nothing too difficult and I honestly believe it, I am not telling you this just to tell you and hit your ears because there is no reason.

But you deserve to go above and beyond, focus, train well, give it your all and keep going. Be well, be strong and I wish you the best.”