June 13, 2024

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Play-offs, 9th round result: AEK held the championship at +3 from Panathinaikos!

Play-offs, 9th round result: AEK held the championship at +3 from Panathinaikos!

Before the end of the season, AEK … is half a breath away from the title that it will win on Sunday by defeating Volos after the “double” in Thessaloniki and defeating Panathinaikos in Faliro.

Panathinaikos went to Valero with just one score. He only wanted to win the three points in order to keep fate in his hands in the final round of the tournament. But he was inferior in conditions in the match of the year and one match before the end he basically says … goodbye to the championship because now he only has sporting hopes. Fatigue from the coronavirus adventure was evident in the efforts of the Panathinaikos players, who finished the first half without making any serious move in front of Tsolakis’ goal.

Olympiacos started strongly in the second half and touched the goal with Impila’s powerful shot, which hit Brignoli’s crossbar. Panathinaikos took action on the field knowing the result of AEK, but it was the “red and white” who scored a goal in the 68th minute with Ryabchuk on a dangerous counterattack. From there, “Alfalfa” had to climb… a mountain that got bigger when Bernard’s shot was stopped on the post in the 72nd minute. Panathinaikos didn’t find the two goals they were looking for and just like that… said goodbye to the championship, because now they claim a victory for Volos in … New Philadelphia Hot.

In “Kleanthis Vikelidis”, AEK only wanted to beat Aris, but with … open ears on Faliro they also wanted Panathinaikos to lose points in order to get … a head in the thread and embrace the championship. And he succeeded, since now with his victory on Sunday against Volos, he will win the title exactly in the last round.
Although they found themselves trailing in the scoreline through Aris with a goal – penalty by Gray, AEK had no problem whatsoever in … turning the game on its head before the first half ended with both goals – taking the carbon from Van Vert and Zuber. They advanced 2-1 and paved the way for the historic victory that equals a championship after Panathinaikos’ generation in Faliro.

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In the game least interested in the competition, PAOK was the one who wanted to win in order to go without losses to the third place with Olympiacos and he succeeded. Panthesalekos won 2-0 against Volos, who played from the end of the first half with ten men due to the suspension of Peris. North Doubleheader was better and just before the end of the first half he found a goal with Zifkovic, while in the second half Brandon … sealed the victory.


Ares – AEK 1-2
Volos – PAOK 0-2
Olympiacos – Panathinaikos 1-0

THE PLAYOFFS Standing (Ninth Round)

2- Panathinaikos 77
3. Olympic 70
4. POK 67
5.50 March
6. Volos 40

next (last) round

Sunday 14 May

AEK – Volos (8 pm)
PAOK – Olympiacos (8 pm)
Panathinaikos – Aris (8pm)