June 3, 2023

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Jokic’s elbow on the Suns owner was not disqualified


Nikola Jokic in Game 4 against The Sun
AP PHOTO/Matt York

Nikola Jokic’s reaction to the Phoenix Suns owner won’t rule him out of Game 5 of the semifinal series.

Nikola Jokic was finally punished with a stiff fine, not a ban, for his reckless behavior at Suns owner Matt Espia when he tried to snatch the ball away from him.

The Serbian center was fined $25,000, but to relieve Mike Malone, he will be a regular for the pivotal fifth game of the 2-2 semifinal series in Denver early Wednesday (10/5).

The bowling coach justified his bowler by saying that he did not care who the spectator was harassing him, Jokic himself saying, “He put his hand on my chest first and the league is supposed to protect us“, while … the victim of his power, Isbia, asked not to punish the ‘offender,'” he wrote about it on Twitter.

However, since it was an act that made a bad impression and “tarnished” the league’s public image, the “Joker” Nuggets were almost certainly not going to avoid punishment. He was simply subjected, it would seem, to the slightest reaction befitting him.

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