May 21, 2024

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I chose the same color as the float

I chose the same color as the float

In today's episode of “My Style Rocks” the Lakis Gavalas He evaluated Theodora's dress and pointed out the stylistic errors made by the player.

Here is the dialogue:

Lakis Gavalas: “Your hair color is very beautiful. The truth is that we can wear high heels, it will be in bad taste of course, when we go on a cruise, because a cruise is supposed to be careless. Especially when we're with our boyfriend, who has no problem flirting to please someone else, it's a given. Our son is short, isn't your son short?
Theodora: «no»

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Gavalas: “Taller than you?'

Theodora: «Yes»

Javalas: “Well, you did a good job and wore high heels, that's the excuse. So we're wearing sweeter heels. The fact that you chose the same color as the buoy on the boat, this could make a trend, because when you take a photo on Instagram, you'll also get a Bee hat, which He'll lend it to you, because it's in custody, he has it with the engineer's ship. In fact, if you wear such a hat or a knight, I would say you're doing something ridiculous, something those happy people who are happy on the ship, who wear frills because You have the ruffles, you're on the subject You didn't put it together well and this bag is like someone forgot it from the previous cruise, because you say we have recycling, we have sustainability, and that's not true I can't welcome you tolerantly, you'll take this The opportunity to make yourself look good.”

Finally the judge rated the appearance as 1.

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