June 26, 2024

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15 old Nintendo ads that probably haven't aged well

15 old Nintendo ads that probably haven't aged well

The stage is Nintendo And the magic of marketing nostalgia. In the idealism of the 1990s and early 2000s, every imaginable gadget of the era, from Nintendo's Game Boy to the first-ever iPod (no millennial got rid of their devices, even if there was no way to use them again) Other) evokes something between nostalgia and this somewhat terrifying realization that, well, we're growing up. Let's face it.

the page @The good She took to Instagram to upload a series of old Nintendo ads, and with the nostalgia came the idea that some of them haven't aged well. Some are a bit goofy. Some little sexism. However, they are creations at a time when none of this mattered.

In the comments below the post, the user explains that his reflexive reaction to these stickers was an eye peck. However, for most of these ads have officially earned their place in the “classics”. Yes, advertising also has its classics, especially when it gently and sadistically strokes all our nostalgic wounds.

We leave them below:

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And a few more:

Video game ads in the 80s and 90s 9

Video game ads in the 80s and 90s 35

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