April 13, 2024

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I don't feel humor, I feel empathy and obsession

I don't feel humor, I feel empathy and obsession

What Lakis Lazopoulos said about Katerina Kinouriou and Giorgos Liagas in his latest podcast was commented on in the program “Smile Again”. Sissy Christido spoke about obsession and empathy.

“I admire this guy so much for his track. I feel like the way it's done has changed because it's a podcast? I don't know!” Ceci Christidou initially said of Lakis Lazopoulos.

“I really liked Chaderi, I can't compare it to what's happening now. And the way he puts it, it's like he's comparing it. It's not the same though.

I'm not feeling the humor here, I'm feeling anger, empathy, and obsession. At that time, if I fell into his net, I laughed, even though he was sharp. Simply put, I feel in his way he has become more personal,” the presenter added.

In an excerpt from the podcast he played on the show, Lakis Lazopoulos says of Giorgos Liagas: “I don't hold a chicken to pluck its feathers. I've taken the chicken and gone into other chicken coops too. He's taken science, producer Sachliaga, cat shop patron, gossip man. What? When you grow up, my child, will you be? When I grow up, I'll be a scumbag. Well done! Scumbags, yes.

Liagas also became a KTEO of humor. We will examine, since it started as a report of catanemia in the star, it turned into a measure of jaundice and reached the point of jaundice.”

Regarding Caterina Cainorgio, he said: “I love Cainorgio, I also invited her to my show, but that is no reason not to say what I think. No one will stop me, intimidate me or invite me to participate in a legal discussion on TV.

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By law, am I only required to go to court or is there a law to go to the Liaga show as well? I don't act on television and I won't act in Chanderi. You know how I feel about television. Satire is a foreign word to you, don't speak it.

Is it possible for two women to talk about their privacy and a woman who considers the man she had feelings for a year ago to be her exclusive right? If Kenurgio has a problem I call her here, and when she wants to come tell her here, if she is afraid she will hear me and answer me. “But I'll just call Katrina.”