June 23, 2024

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I had a seizure and found out at the hospital

I had a seizure and found out at the hospital

the Female vulgare She talked about the health adventure she went through, as well as the symptoms she was experiencing that led her to the hospital.

The journalist spoke on the “Studio 4” program and said at the beginning: “After 2017 and my health adventure, I was saying I wanted to help the world. I realized that because when I decided to say it and share it, I had a lot of messages that gave them strength.”

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Then he described his adventure. “I found out by chance, I was feeling dizzy and I thought it was because of work. I was working a lot before I got this and didn’t go on vacation in the summer. I said it would be exhaustion and I fell. I found out in the hospital that I had had an epileptic seizure.”He explains.

The journalist also mentioned her hospitalization and the surgical operation she underwent.

“I had a month to realize this, and in September I was admitted to hospital. I was in shock after surgery. Until I went in and had surgery, I was trying to do other things. I wanted to shower, and be okay with my partner. After I had surgery, I had a panic attack And I realized what happened. Now it’s over, I’m fine and we’ll continue. It changed me, so I said from now on I will do what pleases me and I will listen to my body and I will not be so strict with others. Close said.

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