June 25, 2024

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“I have already spoken with 11-12 players in the national team, and Giannis Antetokounmpo wants to help a lot in the summer.”

“I have already spoken with 11-12 players in the national team, and Giannis Antetokounmpo wants to help a lot in the summer.”

Vassilis Spanoulis became official coach of the men’s national team, as the EEC introduced the Greek basketball legend and made his first statements as a federal coach.

EEC introduced Vassilis Spanoulis as coach of the men’s national team, with the Greek basketball legend making his first comments as a federal coach, serving our representative group from another position, after his very successful display as a player.

The presentation was held in the boardroom. The EEC and Spanoulis spoke about taking over the technical leadership of the national team.

In detail, what he said:

“It’s a dream moment. It’s a dream come true. When the national team calls you, you have to respond. Thank you very much as a Greek to my predecessors. And to all the coaches who worked hard for the national team to achieve victories. I want to thank the president, Nikos and the municipality for their confidence in me.”

I want to emphasize once again that the word honor is not enough to describe the feelings I feel. The national team is not a club, it is the team of all Greeks. It was an inspiring team. To make this team feel again what it means to wear the national team jersey.

Competing in the national team is a pleasure and an honor. We must be fighters, brave, with no fear in our eyes. The Greek is a fighter, the Greek is brave. The most important thing is to unite. We have left a legacy and these players must pass it on to the next generation.

It is our duty to continue the legacy. To create role models to attract children to basketball. Let it be an array in capital letters.

We are currently underway. There is a yeast of players and it is a very good group. We have to get it out of our heads that we don’t have players. We have to believe in these guys. They have experience in the Europa League, they have won titles.

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There is no age for me. Whoever is ready and suits us will be in the team. We need to build a team that has very good chemistry. It is important that all players are available in order to choose from a large number of players.

Regarding the difficulty of the task: Working as a coach for the national team is an honor and a pride. For me, the word failure does not exist because the national team is pride. The correct expression is that the things that were not done properly in the past are what will make us successful in the future. We must learn from our mistakes. We like difficult things. I have a few things in mind for the staff, and you will know more in the coming period.”

I have always been around the national team. Love above all for the country and its ideals. I don’t see that as a challenge either. It’s a given that we’re going to build a team to go to the Olympics. If we don’t succeed, we will definitely try again to succeed. No one has a magic wand.

I agree with Nikos. It is a great honor and a real thrill that life has brought them this way and we are partners in the national team. I am very proud to be next to Deimos, Demetris, Costas, and Sophos. It’s a dreamy thing.

On how Giannis Antetokounmpo manages the fund: “I spoke with Giannis, he has a pathological love for the national team. He wants to help them a lot in the summer. He had an injury, he is recovering now and has a great season ahead of him. He is a global star,” but he is a modest star. He wants to give his best for the national team.”

On whether the passion he projects in his words comes from the fact that the national team has not had much success in the last 14 years: “If we don’t have motivation, we won’t do anything, but you don’t need motivation to be in the national team. Maybe you see me with such passion, because I was a team player. This passion comes from ‘I’m spontaneous.’ We are not talking about the club, but about our country and our ideals. Not just singing the national anthem, but feeling it. This is the only way we will get what we need on the field. “Me, we can’t talk about failure or drought. Everything happens for a reason. Luck is also required, which we had when we played. He also had Germany, which would have been eliminated from the semi-finals despite one shot. We’ve got to transmit our positive energy and not We say we failed, we lost. Let these 14 years be a lesson to continue.”

He continued: “Honour, pride and commitment. I was not good at jumping, but I had great confidence in my abilities, and this is what I will do now.

If you are concerned about possible corrosion:For me, the word wear and tear does not exist in my life. A family without food is under pressure People are under pressure because of what happened in Thessaly…. This is real pressure. I’m not thinking about anything, I’m just thinking about doing my best. We coaches have to establish discipline and roles. The spotlight should be on the players, they are the heroes. We must be united and united for basketball to succeed.

On whether he’s concerned about being said to not be very “physical”: What needs to change in Greece is complaining. Complaining means insecurity, that I don’t feel like working with a child, that I don’t want to work in the field extra hours… I’m happy doing what I love, and I’m lucky.

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There is always a solution for everything, when you want and there is an appetite. They used to say: “The national team cannot succeed, it has no shooters, and for four years the golden yeast has been found.” But we put the ego below the team. We have to build the team first and then move on to the rest.”

On whether the national team will play with a high score:We will go in the direction where we have to win every game. I remember America, I don’t remember if we scored a lot of points again. “You can’t decide how far the game will go, but how fast it will go.”

I don’t know when the tournaments will end. It’s completely different to be a national team coach and completely different to be at a club. When we went to the national teams we felt passionately in love. This is what we want to bring back to the national team. The national team is not a club. You have to put your ego below everything else. We will build the best team possible.

We have to follow one line, one style of basketball. We all need help around the national team tree. The role of Kostas, Demetris, Sophos, Evina is very important. We also need to help women’s basketball.

Spanoulis concluded by saying: The national team is an honor. “When he calls you, if you don’t have a serious health issue, you should be there.”