June 26, 2024

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I have been in relationships with both genders

I have been in relationships with both genders

the Marceau She spoke about the loss of her mother, Giorgos Dalaras, and her sex life as well.

The young singer spoke on the “Super Katerina” program and initially referred to her path in singing, but also to the psychological treatment that she is doing.

“I am very happy and grateful to have made the career of my dreams.” He said distinctly, then added: “I find that if we don’t face what hurts us and move it on, we will never overcome it.”

Regarding her mother’s death and the extent of its impact on her, she said: “I was 17 when my mum left, it was a weird time. A bit of a self-destructive thing. I have memory gaps, a period where I don't remember anything. I don't remember if I went to school, who I was with, or where I was living.” “I kept telling my father to move on with his life from the first moment and now he has succeeded. She is an extraordinary woman.”

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He then spoke about the negative comments he receives on social media. “They write to me: Where does the fat girl go? Your fat is showing.” He said. She is also mentioned in the song “Vodka Vyssino” and her sexuality. “It's something that happened to me. If something doesn't happen, I don't have any inspiration to write something, or say something. This happened after I lived in a club and it was a beautiful story to write. It's a true story. It's true that I flirted with a woman.” to explain.

He also added: “I'm someone who searches a lot to understand me, how I feel and who I am. This was also a question mark I wanted to look into. I still haven't figured it out. I've been in relationships with both genders, and now I'm in a calm phase. I'm not in a relationship, but I'm fine “

Finally, regarding Giorgos Dalaras and the advertisements made by some artists, he said: “He's older, so he doesn't know how the market moves. Because he's so great to me, I would never dare answer anything he said. If I met him and he told me why I did it, I would answer him about the money.”

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