May 21, 2024

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The rapid developments of Dimitris Kokota finally made the truth clear: “In a few days I will…”

The rapid developments of Dimitris Kokota finally made the truth clear: “In a few days I will…”

Since Wednesday morning (10/4), people close to Dimitris Kokota have come out to clarify his health condition.

The singer's sister, Eleni, spoke on Wednesday morning on morning television programs about her health condition.

Eleni Kokota spoke on the “Super Katerina” program, where she confirmed that Dimitris Kokota is much better and that in a few days they will wake him up.

In the same line as his sister and close collaborator of Dimitris Kokota, Sandra Votsa, who was placed on Eleni Tsolaki's show “Breakfast SuSou”.

Sandra Votsa spoke about the situation in which her dear friend and partner Dimitris Kokotas exploded.

The latest developments indicate that the team of doctors at Genematas Hospital is making a decision about its next steps. For her part, Sandra Votsa could not hide her anger at the false reports regarding Dimitris Kokota's health.

“Let me start by saying that in addition to being Dimitris' manager, I have also been his friend for many years. His father and I have been friends for many years, so our relationship is closer and not just a professional relationship.

Secondly, I also want to say about “Gennimatas”, that from the experience we have had so far, everything is fine. The doctors are very close to Katerina, Dimitris' wife. They update them every day about what they are going to do.

The MRI was scheduled for a certain day, I don't know if something went wrong, but it was scheduled and it was done on the day it was supposed to be done. I want to say from my own experience in public hospitals, I had the best impressions.

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As for “Ginimatas” I have the best impressions, not because he is Dimitris Kokotas, he is another patient among them, who wants the doctors to treat him well. It is not acceptable to write some things down. Even if some of these conditions apply, do they know what sensitive personal data means?

These things are usually doable. They should know that personal data has very severe penalties. Should they say he's having fun? “what is this?” Sandra Votsa said.


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