February 20, 2024

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I hear something left and right

I hear something left and right

Pichetti by Caterina Dalacca and… Medicine by Maria Antona. Vrisida Andriotou was invited to talk about Survivor and what she said did not go unnoticed!

Spyros Martikas and Maria Antona have been facing off against each other since the former was on Survivor. His partner, Vrisida Andriotou, was today (10.01.2024) on Happy Day and answered not only this but also what he heard about Katerina Dalaka's personal relationship with the game's producer, Acun Ilicali.

Caterina Dallacca's return to St. Dominic's for the fourth time, especially after her expulsion last year, has sparked discussions.

Yesterday, at breakfast, Giorgos Liagas hinted that Akon had a special weakness for Katerina Dallaka.

When Fresidia Andreotto was asked, she replied: “I hear something left and right, but I can't think of anything to say. I have no reason to comment on it. I have no reason to comment on a personal relationship.”

As for Maria Antuna, a former Survivor player, she said: “I will not comment because this is nothing compared to what the couple did to us for two years when Speros was on the team and he had no response.” The world knows and I leave it at that.

There has been a lot of action on their part. “Wherever they go, he comments about it to our friends and everyone tells him you're wrong,” Fresida Andreotto said of Maria Antunas and Aris Solidis.

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