April 13, 2024

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“I told her not to talk about me, I will send her out of court.”

A comprehensive interview was conducted by Aris Argyropoulos the offer “Mega, good morning».

Her son Maria Pacodemo So is he Dimitris Argropoulou He talked, among other things, about his relationship with his mother, about his half-brother, but also about why he doesn't watch his mother on TV.

“I see my parents as my parents, not as public figures. For better or worse, that is my last name, I am happy with my parents, and we have a very good relationship. The fact that my parents appear on TV did not make it difficult for me or help me,” said Aris Argyropoulos.

He continued: “The best thing to do is not to find a table at the bouzouki and say to her: ‘Mom, I can’t find someone, you have to help me.’ Nikita and I have a great relationship, we grew up in the same company and we go out together and trust each other. When When we were young, we fought all the time, and we also played with the wood, and my mother would shout: “Hell.”

“I will not share my personal information with my mother, she will ask me many times. I do not like to discuss my personal matters with my father. I happened to meet my girlfriend in my family. I am currently single. I do not like for my mother to talk about me and Nikita and if this happens again… out The court! Aris Argyropoulos said: “Nikitas and I have a very good relationship with our half-brother, and when he needs advice he calls us.”

Finally, Aris Argyropoulos revealed why he doesn't watch his mother on TV, saying: “I don't watch TV, and I don't see my mother either. I have her in my mind differently as a mother, so it feels a little different to me. I don't think I can do my mother's job.”