June 1, 2023

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I Recycle – Change the Water Heater: When Does the Platform Open for Applications – What Beneficiaries Need to Know – Newsbomb – News

through the programRecycle – change the water heaterPatrons can redeem them Electric water heaters With solar panels financial support which can reach up to 60%.

program platformRecycling – I’m changing the water heater’ to install Solar water heater with support beneficiaries It is expected to open tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9.

through the programRecycle – change the water heaterCitizens can replace them Electric water heaters With solar panels financial support which can reach up to 60%.

according to the clues, 120 thousand families They will be able to claim Support for solar water heateras long as they meet the criteria.

To whom does the solar heater subsidy apply?

in detail Support for solar water heaters Fears:

  • number beneficiaries: 120,000
  • Supports the replacement of electricity with a solar water heater
  • It can be placed either on the first or in a country house
  • Beneficiaries are: home consumers – landlords, renters, franchisees
    Beneficiaries are classified based on criteria (income, children, disabled, etc.)
  • The funding application is submitted at www.allazothermosifona.gov.gr

Income and amount of support

For an annual income of up to €5,000 per family member:
60% subsidy (from 612 to 904 euros)

For annual income from 5,001 to 10,000 euros per family member:
55% subsidy (from 561 to 829 euros)

For annual income from €1,001 to €30,000 per family member:
50% subsidy (from 510 to 754 euros)

Recycled water heaters must be:

  • To be functional prior to their withdrawal, which will be confirmed after a general visual examination.
  • Before they can be replaced, they must be placed in the accommodation declared in the financing application.
  • To be electric water heaters with a capacity of ≥ 40 liters.
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Conditions for inclusion in the solar heater program

Potential beneficiaries of the program are local consumers who have installed an electric water heater in their residences (not in their workplaces).

Applications are submitted by natural individuals who were born before January 1, 2006 and are permanently residing in Greece.
Each natural person can submit only one application.
Beneficiaries whose average annual income per family member exceeds €30,000 are not eligible.

Households that have applied for or joined another energy saving program, eg Save – Independence or Save 2021, cannot apply.

ranking criteria

The final selection of beneficiaries will result from a combination of economic and social criteria, such as:

Average annual income for each family member.
Families with disabled members.
Single-parent families, with at least one dependent child.
Families with dependents.
Reinforcement height

The subsidy is up to 60% of the purchase cost of each new solar water heater.

Each beneficiary will receive a voucher, which they can redeem at a supplier of their choice.

Installation costs are also included in the maximum grant amount for recipients.