July 23, 2024

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RESOLUTION: 'Fire' price hikes are coming for 200 more products – which commodities will see price increases

RESOLUTION: 'Fire' price hikes are coming for 200 more products – which commodities will see price increases

Precision still runs unhindered. Family budgets will be found in “binding” new price increases on 200 products until the end of February.

'Tsunami' of currency revaluations despite government announcements of measures against punctuality

Despite government announcements of anti-punctuation measures, consumers will see the first 'wave' on supermarket shelves in the next two weeks. Families are literally suffocating.

Estimates in core products have been “off track” for a long time and there is really no end. By the end of February, new increments of a total of 200 product codes are expected, which will be added to those that preceded them in the last 30 months.

We will see the first “batch” of increases gradually until the end of the month, with a total of 100 tokens, with average price increases of 6%.

These are products such as:

  • Fresh juices: 22% – 55%
  • Canned foods: up to 14%
  • Watercress: up to 10%
  • Legumes and rice: up to 10%
  • Cereals: up to 8%
  • Frozen vegetables: up to 8%
  • Branded meat: up to 8%
  • Personal care products: up to 5%
  • Dairy: up to 3.7%

In fact, some of the increases have already hit shelves. By the end of February, an additional 100 products will be repriced by 7% on average.

Products that will become more “spicy” are:

  • Fresh juices: up to 22%
  • Toothbrushes, shower gels and deodorants: up to 19%
  • Chocolate: up to 18%
  • Own brand sausages: up to 16%
  • Olive: up to 14%
  • Cheese: up to 10%
  • Soft drinks: up to 9%
  • Espresso: up to 7%
  • Prepared salads: up to 4%
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The “gold” segment costs more than 17 euros per kilo

Meanwhile, to the above-mentioned heinous things that are happening in our country, there is also what is happening with another Greek origin. So, in supermarkets, the price of barrel-aged feta cheese exceeds 17 euros per kilo, while organic is sold for more than 20 euros per kilo. The reference to Greek olive oil also now seems redundant, as its price is inaccessible and the symbolic, essential and main commodity tends to completely disappear from our homes.

And all this while in December, according to Eurostat, food inflation in our country reached 8.9%, the second highest in the EU after Malta (10.2%).

The gap with Europe is widening, as food in most EU countries has increased at a lower rate, by 5.7%.