February 26, 2024

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What is prohibited to put in the trunk of a car – what is the fine?

What is prohibited to put in the trunk of a car – what is the fine?

The luggage compartment of the car can help transport various items, using the KOK system but to place restrictions for security reasons.

As a means of transportation, the car, by its design, is a vehicle that can provide solutions in a variety of ways, in transporting things or people. Even for that though There are natural limits to what he can and cannot carryThese are limits set by the manufacturers themselves but also the law, often in combination. Let's see what are the things that are prohibited from carrying in our car and the reasons why they are prohibited.

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Excessively heavy objects

the Coke. It is very clear how we are allowed to load our car starting from the most important weight. Specifically in Article 32 it states that after loading our vehicle The total weight must not exceed the weight specified by the manufacturer Listed on the registration certificate.

Things are so far away

KOK It also prohibits the transport of objects exceeding a certain length, the latter varying depending on our vehicle. especially, It is prohibited for the load to protrude from the rear of the vehicle more than 30% of the total body length.

In case you wish to transport items in your vehicle that protrude from the rear portion of more than 30% of the body length, KOK states that “prior authorization is required from the locally competent technical service.”

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Things dragged on the floor

Another category of objects that we are prohibited from transporting in our vehicle are those that come into contact with the ground during transportation and such contact results in damage to the road surface and/or poses a danger to the rest of the road users.

Carrying objects that touch the ground They are only permitted if they do not cause harm or danger to other road users “After obtaining special permission from the technical department responsible for the location.”

The administrative fine for the above-mentioned violations amounts to 80 euros, while in the event of a dangerous load, the vehicle may be shut down, according to KOK.

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If you need to transport fuel in a container, you need to know this For our safety, we only pack approved type metal or plastic containersBecause it meets the specifications set for transporting flammable materials and guarantees the removal of static electricity. We never fill regular plastic containers, water bottles and non-sealable containers.

The fuel tank is transported upright and securely supported inside our vehicle, so there is no chance of it tipping over. When transporting the container we take care of freshening the air (opening the car window) and driving at low speed. It is not recommended to carry fuel containers in the luggage compartment of the carAs the air is limited there is a risk of creating explosive atmospheres.

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If we have to transport our pet by car, We do not put it in the luggage compartmentIn addition to being inhumane, it is also dangerous to animals.

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The correct way to transport our animal is either Inside the special transport box in the passenger footwell areaOr with a special belt on the seat that keeps the animal in place. Anything else is dangerous and illegal.

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