February 22, 2024

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Piraeus: “Golden” apartment burglary

Piraeus: “Golden” apartment burglary

Thieves targeted an apartment on the third floor on Thursday night (1/18) Piraeus With the perpetrators left in “Travel luggage” they 200,000 euros Cash plus three Rolex watches.

According to his information protothema.gr, The incident occurred between 18:00 and 23:00 at night, while the road through which the house was taken was stormed. “Mice” It's cinematic.

First, the thieves broke through the front door of an unoccupied residential building located next to the targeted apartment and went up to the third floor. Accordingly, Break the door againalso entered an unoccupied third-floor apartment adjacent to the targeted apartment and, using special tools, broke through the wall creating a doorway.

They stormed the apartment and after searching the place, Using the same toolsbroke into a locked safe on the bedroom closet floor and They removed €200,000 plus three Rolex watchesWith a total value of 110,000 euros.

Investigation with EL.AS. The process of identifying and arresting the perpetrators is still ongoing.

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