June 23, 2024

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“I saw it happen in front of me.”

“I saw it happen in front of me.”

The famous actress and singer gave an interview on the program “Kalytera Arga”. Trajan Ananiaswhich I talked about, among other things Dimitris Kokota And The heart attack he suffered during J2US training.

It is noteworthy that Dimitris Kokotas is still hospitalized, while he was discharged from the intensive care unit a few days ago and transferred to the intensive care unit.

Traiana Ananya, who collaborated with her on the music and dance show, spoke For the day Dimitris Kokotas collapsedWhile he revealed that the beloved artist was very nervous in general.

“Me, because I was very close to Dimitris, because I didn’t have a car and we went to training together, I saw how anxious he was all the time and I told him: “Demetrius, your body won’t handle it. Please write everything down in the right place.” I saw what I feared happening in front of me. “I felt this thing, it’s shocking.” stated.

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Traiana Anania described the moment the accident occurred: “I was with him before training, and because I had a degree in Reiki until EMS came along, I took them all out and started healing him. He was conscious, and I could really feel all of this pent-up anxiety that this man had inside him, wanting to find a way out but not finding it. I was talking to him. He could barely speak, but he listened to me and gave me permission to do the practice I did. “It helped him, because I reduced his fear. He had a lot of fear and he was not alone.”

“I can’t go and see him. This fact has made me make it somewhat official that if I have something serious, some people very close to me will have access to the ICU. I’ve changed a lot of things, the most important of which is not catching anything that bothers me. I won’t keep anything inside. “I was very shocked and made decisions and took measures.” I finish.

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