June 19, 2024

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Survivor 6/6: Which team has the advantage in the prize match?

Survivor 6/6: Which team has the advantage in the prize match?
Survivor 6/6: Which team has the advantage in the prize match?

Initial guess which team has the best chance of winning the prize match. Celebrities or fighters?

Survivor 6/6 spoiler: Its twenty-second week comes to an end Survivorwhere players compete for the prize. Which team will win the prize match? In a survival game sky; Celebrities or fighters?

Georgia will find the final solution Survivor spoiler We will inform you of the winners during the day. Of course, it is not easy anymore, but most of the time we fall into expectations.

There was an absolute balance of immunity this week, as the Reds took… a run in the fourth immunity match you saw Sportim Live.

Vanesses Poulitzis may be playing injured, but he doesn’t fall into the stats. On the contrary, he continues his excellent career.

A beautiful battlefield and the final goal we saw in Wednesday’s episode. Overall, it has a lot of great ultimate objectives on the battlefields Survivor 2024.

Attention now turns to the competition with the Communication Prize that will provide the necessary psychological support for players just before the end.

Survivor 6/6: They take the lead in the Communication Award!

The Reds showed that they have a pulse and are able to find the solutions they are looking for even without it Caterina Dalacca.

the Giorgos Goulikas He finds it again after the mini-deformity, while also Christopher Taxidis He tries it.

Blues despite the fact that they have good units with a higher ton Fanny PolizziSomewhere, they seem to be losing it. They are having wins but that “something” is missing.

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The Reds were very motivated, they showed together and added motivation is the fact that they have missed out on the last three communication awards.

In other words, The Reds have the lead To win the prize match.

Survivor Spoiler 6/6: They won the Prize Match – Closed