April 24, 2024

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I went to Germany to buy a smart watch and I couldn't believe my eyes

I went to Germany to buy a smart watch and I couldn't believe my eyes

I recently visited a GERMANOS store to buy a smart watch and stock up on my new hobby, running. I must have been years behind and what I saw I couldn't believe my eyes, because now at Germanos you'll find everything from smartphones and tablets to TVs, drones, electric bikes and scooters.

The beginning was in the 5 km race. At the Athens Half Marathon on March 10. I've been saying for a while that I want to start running, but I've always found an excuse to put it off.

The half marathon was the motivation and reason I was looking for to stop stressing about skipping. It ticked my list and I realized that I now had a new hobby.

Run Greece, Spetsathlon and many more are coming, which I decided not to miss, of course. But I was missing something: a smartwatch to measure my performance

I didn't think much about it. I found some time and went to German I knew I would find a wide range of what I was looking for. Indeed, I found smart watches, smartphones, tablets, mobile accessories, activity trackers, and heart rate straps, and this is where the fun began.

I always remember going to German For COSMOTE software and services in the field of mobile phone, fixed phone, Internet and TV, to find batteries, mobile phones, headsets, laptops or to service, it is the number one destination for mobile phone services and technology products.

Now in store German You'll find smart TVs, smart watches, cameras, cameras and even… Smart home devicesElectric bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, popular gaming titles, and consoles.

As one can understand, entering the store and seeing a wide range of technological devices that German I was flabbergasted, because I didn't think I would find out household appliance Even the hardware Smart home, from the best brands on the market and even at affordable prices. The product range is constantly enriched, in accordance with modern trends.

So, either by going to a physical store GermanOr online through www.germanos.gr You now have the ability to properly equip and “Smart” your home With the small device you want, with advanced functions, facilitating your daily life, and changing life at home.

Strong performance in 2023

It is no coincidence that 2023 will be another successful year for stores GermanWith increasing traffic in the store, the number of customers reached 13.5 million customers. An increase in mobile phones was also observed, especially from mobile devices, while COSMOTE TV connections increased German It has achieved record sales in recent years. Since then, it has always remained No. 1 in the field of mobile phones, while also being the main choice of many people for accessories, smart watches, gadgets and TVs.

Meanwhile, it remained at the top of service preferences (mobile products and technology), while value-added services such as GClick & Collect, security and extended hardware warranties (GWarrantyPlus) had a significant impact on consumers, another year. GTattoo and GPhotoprint.

Tomorrow is smart

In 2024 for him German It is a year that focuses on the consumer, individual and business experience, and will focus on the possibilities that smart devices bring to the daily lives of all of us.

Devices that we can control remotely through a smartphone or tablet, to enjoy more comfort, safety and energy saving.

So what you have to do is run to it German, because you'll probably leave your mouth open — just like me — with their wide range of smart products. Meanwhile, our technology experts, technology consultants, will help you choose the right devices according to your needs, while COSMOTE's specialized technicians will do the installation, as well as connect the devices in Your smart home!

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