February 26, 2024

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I wouldn't rule out living on an island with my husband and daughter

I wouldn't rule out living on an island with my husband and daughter
Danae Michalaki spoke about her daughter and her husband, Giorgos Papageorgiou, in the interview she conducted on behalf of the “Eleni” program.

The actress, who grew up on Syros, left open the possibility of raising her child on an island, as she spent her childhood there with more freedom, which she wants her child to have as well.

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More specifically, Danai Michalaki said: “Growing up on an island gives you freedom. They would open the door and my parents would say, ‘Go and come back in an hour.’ Here in Athens, no child can have that freedom. I hope my daughter has that too. I wouldn’t rule out living on an island, like he did.” My father. Things are lost, but you gain something, you lose something. I knew the baby was going to look like George, and I saw it on the ultrasound. We saw the face clearly. I was saying it was going to look like George and they were calling me Crazy. We had a name Since before pregnancy.”.

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