April 13, 2024

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Spoiler: These are the six new players coming in

Spoiler: These are the six new players coming in

In addition to James Kaftzis and Stavroula Chrysaidi, four other people are “invading” Survivor 2024. Who are they?

“Sleep” But excitement also prevailed in yesterday's episode Survivor 2024when Giorgos Lianos announced the new additions This is what we will see in the next few days.

Specifically, broadcaster Giorgos Lianos announced the entry of new players into the national teams, explaining how to do so Two of them will be former survivors.

In fact, he continued to spread their names, announcing that they would soon be entering the survival reality show SKAI. James Kaftzis and Stavroula Crisaidi.

Alexis Papa's face “froze” Upon hearing the news. “Whether he comes to the Reds or the Blues, we will still have the distance we had. Don't just bring burgers, because he likes to flip them.” He said characteristically.

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Survivor 2024: All new players in

But according to the leaks, regardless of the former players, Four other people will travel to Santo Domingo And share it in groups.

It's about her Kelly Arauzo, Kostas Vogiouklakis, Andreas Dermitsakis, and Theodoros Tourkogiorgos.

The additions would strengthen both teams, especially after Angelos' forced retirement for health reasons.

James Kaftzis and Stavroula Chrysaidi are eagerly awaited, both by viewers – as they were strong and much-loved players – and by survivors.

It is worth noting that these two also have the largest contracts in this year's reality show, as information says that the amount they will receive amounts to… 12,000 euros per week.

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