February 7, 2023

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Yannis Evazis: “Maria did not deserve to go through what she went through with her first pregnancy”

“There is nothing more beautiful than children, but we are crammed with my name,” said Yannis Evazis.

the Yannis Evazis He gave an interview to Hello! and to Maria Kolliatsa and talked about why they and Maria Korinthiou chose not to have a second child.

You have a wonderful daughter, my name is, and she is in her teens, she seems to be your girlfriend. Are you the father who controls everything or do you leave this responsibility to Maria?

At the same time, we are working on this part. I am there for the things I need to be. In others, more feminine, Maria is on her side. The three of us built a very nice relationship. It’s not age that makes my name sound like our friend. That’s how he was born. He calls us “kids”, “mom” and “dad” when he has to. On the one hand, I am lucky that Maria is very close to her, and they both talk a lot.

Are you a strict father?

No, I am a fair father.

Didn’t you want to have a second child?

It’s too late now. But I think Mariah doesn’t deserve to go through what she went through in her first pregnancy again. There’s nothing cuter than babies, but we’re crammed in to name a few.

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