July 14, 2024

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If you have these coins you are rich: 162,000 euros for 50 drachmas – 32,000 for 100 drachmas

If you have these coins you are rich: 162,000 euros for 50 drachmas – 32,000 for 100 drachmas

Record price “caught” rare Greek currency to 50 drachmas At a recent auction held in Switzerlandsince Sold for €162,000.

The coin was sold on November 17, in an auction that included other historical currencies. Issued by the Greek government in 1876, in fact only 182 coins were minted at the Paris Mint.

The (then) emerging Greek state aimed to promote the country’s modernization by showing that Greece would follow the European pattern of minting large gold coins.

This coin was in better condition than any coin to hit the market in recent years, was certified MS65+, and was sold to a foreign buyer, according to greekreporter.com.

A 5-drachma coin was also auctioned

Another coin that was auctioned was the 5 drachma (from 1833) for €8,500, which was the first silver coin minted at the Athens Mint, in 1843 (with an owl mark), while it had previously been minted at the Athens Mint. . Munich and Paris.

This coin is not in good condition, however, it has great value to collectors due to its rarity. In general, all Otto coins in good condition have a high collectible value, especially the bronze coins. The 100 drachma coin of 1935 was the coin that also participated in the auction, where its price reached 32 thousand euros.

The successful auction was managed by Nikos Mathioudakis and his company Attica Auctions in cooperation with one of the largest auction companies in Switzerland.

It is said about him that anything he gets his hands on “turns into gold” because he knows the global markets for every collectible. From coins and banknotes to medals and comics.

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