July 14, 2024

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New NSRF programme: millions of euros distributed to thousands of people

New NSRF programme: millions of euros distributed to thousands of people

A new program has been released by the NSRF to distribute millions of euros to the world.

More specifically, applications began on June 6 and are already a subject of great interest.

This is up to 80% support in R&D projects from “Research – Innovation”. €300 million of the program with four individual R&D actions.

As reported by VK PREMIUM Business Development Consultants, the new call for “Research – Innovation” has been published.

What is the goal of the NSRF program?

This measure aims to promote research and innovation, which is fully in line with the country’s strategy to accelerate the green and digital transformation and ensure technological development in Greece.

To implement their plans, potential beneficiaries can plan their research project by taking advantage of a wide range of supported costs such as research and development activities and more specifically industrial research and experimental development.

“Research – Innovation” 2024 is intended for companies that have at least one full administrative year (annual) closed.

Particular emphasis is placed on small and medium enterprises and research organizations.

Research organizations must be legally operating in Greece on the date of issuance of the invitation to work.

In order to participate in the procedure, companies-potential beneficiaries must, at the time of submitting the application, be legally operating (head office or branch) in the Greek region where the assistance is located according to the financing application and have a VAT no.

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Offshore companies are not entitled to apply for financing.

What industries can participate?

1. Materials, construction and industry

2. Tourism, culture and creative industries

3. Agricultural food chain

4. Environment and circular economy

5. Life sciences, health and pharmaceuticals

6. Transportation and supply chain

7. Sustainable energy

8. Digital technologies

Who are the beneficiaries of the program?

The measure targets companies, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, and other entities active in the research and innovation ecosystem, covering the maximum possible range of potential beneficiaries.

Applications for funding to be promoted in the course of the action can be submitted either by individual SMEs, by groups of institutions, or by partnerships of institutions with research organisations.