July 14, 2024

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Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki

I feel at home: A little lighter.

My favorite place in the house: Preserver of wines. And the windows. How does Argyris Hionis say it? “Windows are frames. They make the indescribable more bearable.”

It creates an atmosphere in the space: Always people.

At the entrance to the house is a statue by Theodoros Giannakis, a walnut sofa and coffee table designed by T.H. Robinson-Gibbings for Saridis, and behind it a work by Panos Tsagaris.

My home in three words is: My mirage.

Favorite time of day: At that moment I wake up.

Favorite item: the key.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-2
View of the Acropolis from his balcony.

Every house should have one: Comfy sofas, love and cheese.

city ​​in the world: Paris, because it contains everything in its original version.

A destination I always return to: London and New York, because I’m young enough or old enough to escape my memories.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-3
On the wooden wall of the dining room, the work of Theodorus Rallis and below the wooden sculpture of Dionysius Cavalieratus. Tulumba.

Art at home: Contemporary Greek visual artists. My precious and incredibly talented generation.

Art in Athens: Athens is developing rapidly in this field. If we count the new art spaces that have opened in recent years in the city, we would be surprised. I hope this dynamic path will not be interrupted!

The neighborhood I live in: It’s constantly changing, but I’m not afraid of change.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-4
In the living room, a wall shelf houses his favorite works and items signed by, among others, Emmanuel Pizzakis, David Sampeitai, HOPE, Yannis Morales and Aglaia Limperakis.

in my spare time:You will see me in some restaurant or exhibition.

taste: A cold, peeled scarlet tomato with a little olive oil and coarse salt.

To rest: I exercise.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-5
Home kitchen.

Custom: Pure espresso and tannins.

style: Simple lines in either black or dark blue. Anything that doesn’t “scream” with very few exceptions clicks for me, usually glasses.

decor: When a house contains a work of art, the decoration only follows.

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Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-6
His favorite gadget is Anne & Valentine glasses.

Aesthetics: the sixties. And the motivation I got from my home, from my mother, and from what moves me.

I cook: Not even, but I know how to eat.

He drinks:Margarita.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-7
The dining room features a Saridis table and chairs by Yannis Varelas.

hobby: the shopping. No one is a saint…especially me.

I’m pround of it: The historic bar of Economos and the way it is constantly being developed, while preserving its classicism to the maximum extent.

Favorite project: Galina in Koukaki, because it is a restaurant that I constantly discover for myself. Also, the projects we “manage” at Magna Marine are always at the top of my list. However, shipping remains my main job.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-8
At the entrance to the house, works of favorite artists and benches of objects of common interest.

I never forget that: I feel grateful for what life has given me so generously and for the love I grew up with.

My next project: It’s still a secret…

“I feel grateful for what life has given me so generously and for the love I grew up with.”

dream: To see artists, visual artists of my generation, continue to flourish, and become international.

Impressive art-filled penthouse in Kolonaki-9
In the bedroom, with white shades, stands out the self-portrait of Yannis Varelas, King of the World.

A typical Sunday: newspapers.

I can’t imagine my life without her: to understand.