May 18, 2024

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Impressive video: How skydivers watched a total solar eclipse while jumping from a plane in Texas [βίντεο]

Impressive video: How skydivers watched a total solar eclipse while jumping from a plane in Texas [βίντεο]

It was the experience of a lifetime for two skydivers – father and daughter – when they jumped from a plane flying 14,000 feet over Texas and enjoyed the spectacle of a total solar eclipse as they descended to Earth.

A video captured the moment two skydivers prepared to jump from the Dallas Skydiving Center's plane last Monday, and they were excited not only for the jump, but also for the opportunity to enjoy the cosmic event from the air.

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The footage shows the father and his daughter jumping from a height of 14,000 feet, as the camera captured them landing with parachutes while the solar eclipse darkened the sky.

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“Look,” the father says to his daughter as the sky begins to change colors around them. Skydivers smile and nod to the camera with awe on their faces as they watch the solar eclipse from a vantage point.

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Enjoying the jump, they raise their hands in excitement before continuing their unforgettable journey across the sky.

American hoopla over a solar eclipse

Last Monday, millions of people flocked from far and wide to areas along the path of the total solar eclipse in the United States, from Dallas, Texas, to Buffalo, New York, and Burlington, Vermont, on the East Coast, to enjoy the celestial spectacle.

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For viewers, the total eclipse lasted for up to 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

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Although a total solar eclipse somewhere in the world occurs once every one to three years, North America will not see another total solar eclipse until 2044.

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