April 24, 2024

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In a sense of rationality, the PA is abandoning the delivery of AW139 helicopters

In a sense of rationality, the PA is abandoning the delivery of AW139 helicopters

The Air Force's “much-hyped” purchase of AW139-type search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopters will not go ahead. In fact, Health Minister Nicos Dentias also has an opinion on the matter, where the information reveals how he posed a question. The PA is promoting the purchase of a completely different type of helicopter, but it has yet to receive serviced AS332B1 Super Pumas.

We remind you that at the SAGE of December 2023, following the Air Force's proposal, the deployment of 14 AW139 helicopters in the SAR role to the political leadership was approved. The PA conducted a study of its requirements and selected the UH-60M Black Hawk based on its superior performance and the Italian helicopter's lower cost per flight hour.

However, in a recent civil defense competition, the AW139's flight time was reported to be more than the 2,000 euros added to the PA survey. We remind you that it was initially proposed to the PA to purchase the UH-60M, at the same price as the AW-139, achieving uniformity with the Greek Army and Navy. We should not forget that the purely military UH-60M is in the 10-ton class, while the civilian AW-139 is 7 tons.

As for the “militarized” version, the MH-139, which the US Air Force decided to buy for security facilities and mobile personnel missions, this year's program was reduced from the purchase of 80 aircraft to 42. A plane costs about 40 million dollars.

Leonardo/Boeing MH-139 Gray Wolf: Program Massively “Cut”

At the same time, the PA is gearing up for a major new weapons program, F-35A delivery, F-16C/D Block 50 modernization to F-16V status, new C-130J purchase, weapons purchases, new air defense radars, etc. Q. Therefore, the plan to buy new SAR helicopters, while some AS332B1 Super Pumas are flying due to lack of maintenance, It shows the maximum of total effort.

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The PA's lack of consideration (but no purchase commitment) to add 14 more HH-60H helicopters to the Greek military's supply request left a negative impression. These are offered at the same low price. Included in a larger multi-year supply (Multi Year X) that the US military makes for itself and allies. Also, with the purchase through the fund, the Black Hawk helicopters will be delivered until 2027, with a longer payback period.

However, the PA is reconsidering a number of plans that suddenly appeared in the past year, including abandoning the purchase of C-130J/C-390 level transport assets and focusing on the moderately available C-27J.