April 13, 2024

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“They pull the trigger and I asked for a recommendation,” says his wife

“They pull the trigger and I asked for a recommendation,” says his wife

Earlier in the afternoon, popular singer Yiannis Yokarinis, who was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning, was taken to the prosecutor's office. After a complaint of violence against a 47-year-old wife of According to the same information, Yiannis Yokarinis grabbed his wife by the neck and threatened her.However, the singer's wife, while awaiting his trial in Athens' three-member criminal court, insisted in statements to reporters that she had asked for a recommendation, classifying the charges against him as neither more nor less. “The decibels are up.”

“That's what happened. I called out, calling out to calm the spirits as the decibels began to ebb and flow. Make a recommendation. From then on, hair became hair, my neck was grabbed, I was made heavy, and they did it to me… They said it was their job, and that is what we are pulling and pulling till now. The 47-year-old said he was arrested Yogurt.

Now the next course of the case, whether it will be tried or not, will be decided by the court.

The singer was sued

In conducting a false criminal case against him Yannis Yogarini, the Athens First Instance Prosecutor's Office continued. It is to be noted that the 69-year-old artiste was arrested following a complaint by his wife and a case has now been filed against him, charging him with threatening and attempting to cause bodily harm under the Domestic Act. Violence. After the prosecution, Yannis Yokarinis was referred to the three-member criminal court of Athens for trial.

Here's what the singer said about their relationship a few years ago

In 2010, the couple had their civil wedding at the Piraeus Art Gallery, followed by a religious wedding in Corfu in 2017.

In October 2021, they gave a joint interview on the show “Mega Calimera” in which they declared that they were very much in love, with Yiannis Yokarini noting how important his wife played in his addiction to alcohol. .

“From the beginning, we started as a couple, we shared all the problems, we share them, we will share them” Yiannis Yokarinis announced, his wife added:

“He's very caring. Very giving. We went through a huge chasm with Giannis' alcoholism. Giannis put up a big fight and I'm so proud that I was able to make him what he is. I couldn't hear 'Yogarinis is the way he is and he won't change,' and I took it as patriotism.” .

“This story took us 13 years until I became independent and it was my rock for 18 years. If he hadn't been by my side, I wouldn't have continued my course, the way I was. As many of my friends left, I would have left too.” The singer had mentioned at the time.

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