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India deported 1,000 Ukrainian nationals

This content was released on February 28, 2022 – 08:08

New Delhi, Feb 28 (EFE) – India has been evacuating more than 1,000 Ukrainian nationals since last week, with local airline Air India arriving in New Delhi this Monday with more than 200 Indian students fleeing a plane crash. Country.

The plane, carrying 259 students across the border from Ukraine to neighboring Romania, landed in New Delhi at 06:40 (1:10 GMT) local time, an Air India spokesman told Efe anonymously.

Operation Ganges has already returned five planes and more than a thousand civilians since the first plane landed in Bombay last Tuesday, as India baptized more than 20,000 Indians living in Ukraine. Not started yet.

A flight with another 240 students is scheduled to arrive from Hungary this Monday, Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaisankar said on Twitter.

Following the closure of Ukrainian airspace last Thursday after the conflict began, flights to Ukraine had to depart from neighboring countries such as Hungary or Romania, where most Indians had fled.

According to local media reports, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a high-level meeting on the crisis on Monday in which four ministers decided to travel to border countries and organize ground rescue operations.

The Indian embassy in Ukraine today urged Indian students in Ukraine on Twitter to “go to the train station to the west”.

In addition, they issued a statement yesterday saying they were “constantly exploring and working” to open the borders of neighboring countries other than Hungary and Romania.

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UN convenes special emergency session on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine India is neutral in the conflict after it abstained from voting again in yesterday’s vote in the Security Council.

Previously, the Asian nation had refrained from condemning Russia’s actions, considered by New Delhi a strategic ally in terms of security and military equipment, and declared that the Asian nation’s focus was on guaranteeing the security of its compatriots.

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