June 1, 2023

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Instagram has canceled MrBeast’s viral competition for €50,000 – what will happen in the end?

a few hours ago on the occasion of his birthday mr Mr. Best Launch a massive contest on Instagram. Specifically, the popular YouTuber has announced that he will donate $10,000 to five lucky followers who will share his post on their story and tag someone in the comments.

The contest had no restrictions and anyone around the world could try their luck. Soon it happened diffuseWith millions of social media users signing up, until suddenly…The post is gone!

For some reasons that are still not clear, Instagram has deleted MrBeast giveaway post. We don’t know if this was a decision made by the social media by manually downloading the post or maybe due to the large number of comments the giveaway was downloaded by some automatic mechanism.

What now appears in place of MrBeast’s post:

MrBeast’s original post:

What will eventually happen with the giveaway:

Apparently, MrBeast predicted and predicted how viral the giveaway would become. That’s why his team recorded the names of the participants until shortly before the post was downloaded. So, The competition will be held normally.

In fact, to make up for the upset, MrBeast will finally be giving away 10 lucky winners of $10,000 each, bringing the total giveaway value to $100,000! The lottery is expected to take place tomorrow.

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