July 14, 2024

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Ioana Malescu stepped out of the pool wearing a black bikini and everyone looked at her abs

Ioana Malescu stepped out of the pool wearing a black bikini and everyone looked at her abs

Ioanna Malesku posted on her Instagram profile two photos in which we see her in a black bikini and enjoying relaxing moments in the pool.

Ioanna Malescu is one of the most admired women on Greek television. However, she stressed that image is not something she gives a basis for, but rather cares more about character and morals.

“I don’t consider myself beautiful, I always wanted to have a balanced image, to respect myself, but in the eyes of some, my features are a little more personal. My image also got in my way because I had to prove, twice and three times, that I have character and a mind. I realized that if you can’t communicate well, others will think that you only care about your external image. “I am one of the people who feels the most happy and appreciates when they make comments about my work, my character and my soul,” Ioana Malescu confirmed in an interview with Bovary.gr about her appearance.

Recently, Ioanna Malesku posted two photos on her personal Instagram account where we see her wearing a black bikini as she gets out of the pool.

Ioana Malescu is enjoying summer moments with her daughter, who she gave birth to a few months ago.

Ioanna Maleskou’s black bikini features high-waisted shorts, while the balcony-style top with wide straps gives it a vintage vibe.

Ioana Malescu’s post impressed her followers who left her many likes and comments, while many did not leave her impressive figure and ripped abs indifferent.

Watch Ioana Malescu in a black bikini:

Photo: Instagram/@EugeniaSamara
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