December 6, 2023

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iPhone 15 not compatible with BMW?

iPhone 15 not compatible with BMW?

User reports online highlight glitches with automatic charging…

Template Che Wireless charging has been around since 2008. This means that its owners iPhone We have been utilizing this technology for 15 years, and it has been completely reliable during that time.

That is, unless you belong to a subset of those who have them BMW And the iPhone 15 today, so it might be wise to… break out your shiny smartphone the old-fashioned way.

the New iPhone owners Online reported that shipping platforms are in operation BMW They were chopped up NFC inside their new devices, making contactless payments, some digital car keys and other related functions NFC (Technology that is mainly applied to smartphones and allows the mobile phone to communicate wirelessly with other devices or components over a very short distance) Useless.

Users facing the issue say that while charging, the issue appears iPhone They are shown a white screen and enter recovery mode. After the reboot, everything appears as usual until the user tries to use any feature that requires NFC.

Qi, on the other hand, is a proprietary charging standard. Its main purpose is to wirelessly transfer power between the charger and the device, without connecting cables. Devices apple Older devices operate at approximately 127.7 kHz, while newer devices, which can accept 15W Qi2 charging, operate at 360 kHz.

the BMW It was also one of the first manufacturers to adopt it Apple Car key In the United States, as mentioned previously, car key Uses NFC To authenticate a phone with a vehicle (unless the vehicle supports car key via Ultra wideband as BMW Digital Key Plus). C

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It’s still too early to blame any company, but the possibilities are quite clear NFC Devices are currently in decline. So if you even own one BMW and iPhone 15It may be better to keep that phone away from the wireless charger and use the device that came with your car, at least for now.

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